10 Reasons To Shop At Smart Spaces

10 Reasons To Shop At Smart Spaces

For custom modular furniture, especially Murphy Beds and Wall Beds Smart Spaces is the leader in every category. Wherever else you may go, you are not through shopping until you have visited our showroom.

 1. Highest Quality

Smart Spaces  uses only the best materials to manufacture your furniture. From woods to sheet goods, stains, the ISO 9002 certified lift mechanism,  countertops on down to  hardware, finer materials cannot be found. End products that you can trust and be proud of for many years also have a warranty comparable to other fine furniture stores.

 2. Largest Showroom & Selection

Our two-story showroom has over 20 Murphy and Wall Beds showcased in a wide variety of displays to help you visualize the best use for your space. A larger selection does not exist for  hundreds of miles in any direction.  Solid woods, veneers, Thermo Foils, Chemetals and melamines – including the new textured styles – are integrated with dozens of customized side cabinets that include shelves, drawers, doors and closets.  Whatever way  you’re looking to create additional use of your guest bedroom, we can help you create it.

3. Lowest Prices

Smart Spaces is the only Murphy Bed retailer in Colorado that proudly publishes its prices. There is a reason.

 4. Convenient Location

Our retail showroom and manufacturing facility  is located on the northbound lanes of Santa Fe, just south of downtown Denver. It is right off of I-25 which is important to our many customers who travel considerable distances to visit and shop.

 5. Most Experience

Since its founding in 2004, Smart Spaces has manufactured and installed over 2,500 Murphy and Wall Beds, home offices, custom closets and other custom cabinetry. Nobody else even comes close. Naturally, this amount of business translates into an acquired breadth of expertise and a corporate culture that prioritizes excellence, timeliness, and overall customer satisfaction. Our experienced designers are salaried and do not work on a commission basis.

 6. Technology Advantage

Smart Spaces uses the latest and most comprehensive software to design and manufacture your furniture.  Our auto-CAD-based design software produces accurate dimensions and renderings for your visualization. It is seamlessly connected to our computer-driven saw which cuts the material in the most efficient and ecological way possible.

7. Delivery & Installation

Our installation teams work full time exclusively for Smart Spaces: we do not subcontract. Their acquired expertise allows them to make any adjustments that are required by your custom furniture installations on the spot. The teams also carry the tools in the delivery trucks necessary to fit all of the furniture to your exact space.

 8. Colorado Made

Almost all of the material that we use has a Colorado connection. Even if it is not manufactured in Colorado, it is distributed and received by us in Denver. It is then manufactured here in our 2,000 sq. foot facility by Coloradans for delivery to your home.

 9. Locally Owned

Smart Spaces is owned by Coloradans. We are not a franchise and have only our one showroom and manufacturing facility. We do not pay a franchise fee and pass the savings on to you.

10. You

If you’ve read this far, you need to visit us because you are an intelligent and informed shopper – our favorite kind. Let’s get started. Bring your needs, room dimensions and ideas.

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