MurphyBed And Wall Bed Mechanisms, Hardware, and Murphy Bed Kits

The Mechanism

A detail photo montage of the wall bed mechanism used on Wall Beds & Murphy Beds at Smart Spaces

Our Wall Bed Mechanisms Are Backed By A Lifetime Warranty And Include The Frame.

Smart Spaces uses the Murphy Wall Beds Hardware, Inc. spring-loaded lift mechanism  that allows the bed to move up and down. All of the beds can easily be operated with a single hand. It is attached to the bed’s vertical panels, and nothing is mounted into the floor. It is adjustable for different bed weights by simply adding or removing one or more of the springs. When comparing our mechanism with others, it is understood that everything mechanical is subject to wear and tear:  The advantage of our spring-loaded mechanism is that any necessary repairs are simple and inexpensive – just replace the springs! With one of the only ISO 9000 certifications of 10,000 repetitions, though, this should be minimal.

Our mechanism has several important advantages. First, the mechanism is a major component of the  total bed cost, and ours can be significantly less than the alternative  models. Second, the bed cabinet can be as little as 15 inches deep, making it less obtrusive in the room. Third, the mattress is recessed 10 inches into the  cabinet so that when the bed is in the down position it will take up much less space on the floor. In smaller rooms this fact alone can be the deciding factor.

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Other facts about our mechanism:

  • 25 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Manufactured to exacting ISO 9002 Standards
  • Steel frame supports 1700 pounds
  • Rubber tipped legs are inward-angled to minimize toe stubs and to prevent the bed from slipping when in use
  • Extended legs create a comfortable height off the floor for the front panel
  • Accommodates mattresses up to 12″ thick

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