Explore The Design Options For Murphy Beds And Wall Beds


Murphy Bed and Wall Bed Doors: Which One Will YOU Want to Open?

Choose the Murphy Bed door that is perfect for your room from four classic styles:

Contemporary Melamine Doors:

Melamine is a second generation “Formica” or plastic coating product. It is made of wood composite board that is then heat processed with a color laminate. The finished result creates a smooth or textured flat appearance with simple clean lines. We use the finest 3/4″ furniture quality particleboard.

Wood and Metal Veneers:

Flat in appearance, real wood veneers are beautiful in their own right. The plywood core is both strong and light so that this material is favored when weight is a consideration. Metallic laminates come in over 100 designs in aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel that are ideal for an expressive contemporary look.

Raised Panel or Shaker Style Thermo Foil:

A Classic look that blends with any interior. Our Thermo Foil is a heat-applied vinyl coating over MDF board that has been routed out by a machine. This product gives you the classic raised panel or contemporary shaker style at a comfortable price and the appearance of wood without the expense or upkeep.

Solid Wood Doors:

Wood is a beautiful, durable and very stylish choice for any home. All of our five-piece solid-wood door faces feature the detail and finish that you expect in fine furnishings. No veneer is used for these faces.


Smart Spaces products include your choice of hardware from our standard selection of over 100 styles. If you want a style that we don’t offer, we are happy to order it for you at a slight additional charge. Or we will be glad to install FREE any hardware that you purchase from somewhere else.

With Smart Spaces you have the flexibility to choose the components that ideally fit your home and in designs and finishes that best compliment your décor.

Add Ons:

Additional add-ons available include:

  • Interior Bed Light Kit
  • Office & Decorative Task Lighting
  • Crown Molding
  • Glass Inset Panels
  • Pull-out nightstands
  • Mattress Upgrades
  • Drop Table

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